Our Work

Youth Action Foundation Volunteers

Youth Action Foundation Volunteers

Our Focus

YAFU promotes human rights in communities by closely relating to Ugandan Values such as Justice, Equality and Democracy

What is our AIM?

We are aiming at building an understanding and appreciation for Human rights through learning about the rights and learning through rights. Our human rights education based approach ensures students learn their rights for respecting their environment. An environment that respects their rights and promotes the right of others.


Our human rights education based approach is embedded in 3 main elements;

1. The acquisition of knowledge and skills about human rights,

2. The development of respective values and attitudes and changed behaviour that reflects human rights values, AND

3. The motivation of social action and empowerment of active citizenship to advance respect for the rights for all.

Justification For Human Rights Education

  1. Human Rights education encourages using human rights as a frame work of reference in our relationship with others.
  2. It encourages people’s inquiry, forming arguments, deciding, cooperating, evaluating and sharing and living according to expected values of society.
  3. Human right education encourages students, their teachers and parents to critically examine their own attitudes and behaviours and accordingly transform them in order to advance respect for the rights for all.

It should be noted that that children’s ideas and characters are formed at young age. Their ideas and characters are heavily influenced by their environment including their school education. Therefore human rights education approach is an effective tool for assisting children to incorporate human rights values in their attitudes and behaviours.

Assisting young people to incorporate these values into their day to day lives is a correct way of preventing bullying, discrimination, and promotion of inclusion and respect for humanity.

Creating a human rights respecting culture in Uganda

YAFU believes that creating a society where all human rights are respected and promoted must start with human rights education in schools. Human rights’ respecting culture seeks to include respect and responsibility for the realisation of rights through all levels of society both at personal and institutional levels.

Health Education

Malaria prevention Education Malaria has been documented to be the leading cause of poor performance as well as the leading cause of absenteeism in Ugandan schools. Most poor people in Uganda are found to be living in environments that are grounds for breeding sites of mosquitoes some of which transmitting malaria. Poor management of malaria has had a lot of implications to Ugandan communities ranging from individual, family to National level. Most families spend close to 25% of their income on malaria treatment. This contributes to a high level of poverty among Uganda’s households .Ministry of Health in her effort to reduce malaria infection has distributed over 21 million Long Lasting Insect Treated Nets  in the entire country.

Most worryingly, the numbers of new malaria infection have remained significantly high simply because people are not using the nets to control mosquito bites but instead they are using them for other reasons including Local poultry, catching of silver fish and in house decoration of tables and their chairs.

People in wider communities need to be educated on the importance of proper use of mosquito nets including other malaria prevention strategies like clearing of bushes surrounding their homes, as well as avoiding stagnant water around their homesteads.

The World Health Organisation [WHO] recently released a report ranking Uganda to be the World’s highest malaria incidence with a rate of 478 cases per 1000 population per year. The time to fight malaria is now. The fact that there is high malaria incidence in Uganda is attributed to ineffiency of health facilities and ignorance of the people. It is estimated that 70,000-100,000 child deaths occurring annually are attributable to malaria.

Health Education

 Youth Action Foundation Uganda [YAFU] hopes that communities must be reached in order for them to learn how to behave in a manner conducive to the promotion, maintenance and the overall restoration of their environmental, physical social ,emotional intellectual as well as their spiritual health.

Health education provides communities with opportunities for learning and acquiring of skills conducive for their own wellbeing. Health education reduces illness and deaths as well the rising health costs. It is evident that the above and more can be avoided through health education.

Youth Action Foundation Uganda [YAFU]’s staff use appropriate education strategies and methods to facilitate the development of byelaws ,procedures and interventions as well as systems that are conducive to the health of individuals ,communities and groups .

Health education is hoped to motivate individuals with whatever interest they may have in improving their living conditions. Our Health education focuses on developing a sense of responsibility for health conditions for individuals, families and communities at large.

 Youth Action Foundation Uganda believes that in communicable disease control health education should include an appraisal of what is known by the community about a particular disease. An assessment of health habits and attitudes of individuals as they relate to the spread as well as the frequency of the presentation of specific means to remedy observed deficiencies.


Physical Health Education

Physical health promotion has worked significantly to improve individuals deal healthier with situations of extreme stress, anxiety, depression, as well as other emotional disturbances to lessen the impact of their mental and emotional constuents which consequently lead to detrimental physical effects. Health education gives communities, individuals and families the information needed to make informed decisions regarding their health as well as their life styles.

Health Education in schools

Youth Action Foundation Uganda teaches school children in partner schools about their bodies, and how to care for their bodies. Later in their lives, the health education information they received  advances their health status of these individuals, their families and communities at large which later on contributes to better individuals in society.

Spiritual health. As part of our work, we teach the students to discover the sense of mindfulness in their lives and coming to know that they have a purpose to fulfil in their lives. Spiritual health allows students to grow in their personal relationships with others or through being at peace with their surrounding environment to avoid spiritual poverty in communities. Spiritual poverty among individuals is a leading cause of unhappiness and dissatisfaction in peoples’ lives which leads to negative behaviours such as child sacrifice, rape, defilement and prostitution. Youth Action Foundation Uganda hopes that having a complete wellbeing of individuals in their communities’ spiritual health must be addressed especially among students whose behaviours, ideas and characters are heavily influenced by their environment including their school education.

Emotional Health Education. Youth Action Foundation Uganda considers emotional health education as another key component in creating healthier individuals in their communities. Our emotional health education in schools is aimed at training school children to feel secure and relaxed in their everyday life. Emotionally healthy individuals feel more secure, have relaxed bodies and are always open minded. The more emotional health individuals are, the more self esteem they can have .This therefore means such individuals will not be violent later in their lives. Instead they will be very calm individuals and patient with themselves as well as to other individuals. This in return  creates stable emotional and psychological wellbeing of individuals able to use their cognitive and emotional capabilities for the benefit of their communities.

Social Health education Youth Action Foundation Uganda conducts social health education and promotion in schools to equip young people with knowledge and skills to live health, safe, productive as well as responsible citizens. Under this section we cover aspects relating to the dangers of alcohol, smoking, as well as using drugs and other substances.

HIV/AIDS Education Uganda has the highest HIV prevalence rate of 7.9 in Eastern Africa region. The expansion and improvement of HIV/AIDS education around the world is critical to preventing the spread of HIV. Uganda is estimated to have 1,500,000 people infected with HIV.

About 25 years ago, Uganda became the first country to acknowledge the presence of the dive rstating Human Immune Deficiency Virus [HIV] epidemic. Since then, over 2,500,000 people have died due to AIDS. In 2010, more than 120,000 people were infected with HIV. Currently, there are more than 1,200,000 people living with HIV infection in Uganda. Nearly everyone in Uganda has lost a close relative or a friend to the HIV epidemic.

 The epidemic in the country is at crossroads. On one hand, scientific breakthrough as well as other efforts to scale up treatment has significantly improved the quality of life of the affected individuals. On the other hand, many HIV infected individuals are not accessing treatment and more worryingly, new HIV infections still exceed the country’s ability to provide treatment. Therefore, right now Uganda experiences an expanding epidemic that demands renewed commitment, increased public attention and leadership.


OUR Role: Youth Action Foundation Uganda is committed to carry out HIV/AIDS education/awareness raising among young people in schools and out of school. This will help to prevent new HIV infections by providing information to remind individuals how HIV is spread. In doing so, we equip individuals with the knowledge of how to protect themselves from becoming affected with the HIV virus.

Stigma and Discrimination prevention Education

World over, there continues to be a great deal of stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV. This does not only have a negative impact on the PLWHA but usually fuels the spread of HIV by discouraging people from seeking HIV testing and treatment.

Accordingly, Youth Action Foundation Uganda targets specific groups of people that are particularly at risk of HIV infection and educates them about how they can prevent themselves against HIV spread.

Environmental Health Education Youth Action Foundation Uganda gerously focuses on aspects relating to the natural and built environment that affects human health. Our environmental health education is targeted towards preventing diseases and creating health-supportive environments. As part of environment health promotion YAFU constructs pit latrines for poverty stricken families, the elderly persons and families affected by HIV/AIDS. We clean their compounds and provide hand washing facilities in partner schools. Construct water tanks to schools and health centres; fumigate schools, health centres and churches and other worship centres. As part of Environmental health promotion we also involved in Mass immunisation campaigns for children to complete their immunisation schedules


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